2020 has some of the most amazing stories of entrepreneurs teeming with innovation and perseverance.  Here are the stories of some I’ve worked with, how we met, and what they are working on to give people different perspectives of success before and during the Pandemic by using one critical tool: collaboration. You would be surprised how many people ignore this fact and let things like ego, jealousy and the opinion of others get in the way and block their blessings. You need to understand that you will not become successful on your own, no matter how bad you want to...


This e-book showcases some of the talent in my community as well as the innovation and strength people have had during this Pandemic.  It's been said you won't really know what you can do until you don't have a choice, and 2020 was definitely one of those times for many.  After you thumb through this book please check out these entrepreneurs on social media so we can continue to support them!

Mommy Morebucks Collaboration Over Competition E-book